Posted by: thataintallfolks | March 4, 2012

Blog Post #6: Never Give Up

In lieu of the upcoming (and current) basketball tournaments around the country, this week, I looked at a short animation clip called “Never Give Up.” This clip, as simplified as it is, brings out a range of emotions through simple vocabulary and music.

The entire first fifteen seconds of the clip shows no moving animation at all, other than a basketball rolling from one side of the court to the other, yet the viewer can still picture what is occurring based on the sounds in the background. One can hear basketballs dribbling and a few being shot and hitting the backboard and/or rim. When we finally meet the basketball player, we see a number of basketballs scattered throughout the court, with one left in his/her hand and one left on the rack. As the player goes up to take the shot, when paused you can see both feet move freely from the ground as the jump occurs.

After the player misses the shot, he/she becomes discouraged and bows his/her head with an accompaniment of somber music in the background. With the backboard stating “You’ll always miss” brought out a little bit of anger, in me at least. However, moments later another line is bled on the backboard, “100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” With one final ball left, the player swishes it through the hoop.

Although this short animated clip is basic in structure and mechanics, it does not limit the animator’s ability to bring a range of emotions from the audience to the clip, and to the player in particularly. Sometimes, I guess the simplest things are the best!



  1. It’s really interesting how such a simple animation can convey so much determination and disappointment. these kind of animations are the ones i love to see because they can speak volumes without really using words. Even the little blob guy has no real face yet through the music and body language you can tell exactly what he is feeling. There should be some sort of category for these much like the have motivational photography.

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  3. I also think its nice that so little an animation can say so much. But I think it was done for the purpose of spreading its encouraging message. For example, the message on the hoop backboard is the only object in the animation that is in color. Because everything else is in B&W, it can stand out and have emphasis in the animation. And the fact that the message was delayed (split in two parts) was done so viewers can gain a sense that one is able to become encouraged in the face of adversity.

  4. yes simplicity is something most people seem to forget in animation this cartoon uses it very well. very inspirational too. to bad our team wont go dancin this year 😦

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  6. I loved this animation. So simple, yet so effective. The music is what struck me the most, as, like you said, emotions are evoked and you can truly understand how you are supposed to feel watching the clip. The animation is also very simple, and in a lot of ways, sparringly used (I think there’s only movement for maybe 15 seconds the whole time), yet the clip still worked and never felt stagnant. Definitely a great find

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  9. I really enjoyed the beginning where there was nothing happening, but you could tell what was going on because of the background noise. I thought it was funny how the animator distinguished the characters front and back by defining his butt. The message was very uplifting that he created a positive outlook on a frustrating situation of not making any shots. Very nice animation!

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  12. […] Blog Post #6: Never Give Up by thataintallfolks […]

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